Dione D.N.A Sams is a global hip hop recording artist, songwriter & producer located in the Midwest area of the United States. He is also C.E.O of Came Along Way Records. Inspired by early hip hop pioneers such as Rakim and Tupac, he hopes to bring hip hop back to it's roots with an up-to-date feel. D.N.A has worked with DAZ Dillinger (a protege of Snoop Dogg). His CD’s entitled “Relentless” and current release “Undeniable” has strong lyrical content paired with hard knocking beats and R & B influences which is sure to please all hip hop lovers!

Our Story

Came Along Way Records is a Licensed & Trademarked Independent Record Label located in the USA.

Dione Sams is founder of the label started in 1995, which launched his career under the name Dione D.N.A Sams.

Future plans for the company is to add and develop more artist of various genres and branch off into TV and Film divisions.